Superhero Academy Bold is the chance for you to launch your new product with the highest return in the quickest amount of time. 

We take our all-star team of web developers, copywriters, strategists, traffic drivers, and videographers to help you get your product off the ground in the span of 7-10 days. 

Using our combined years of experience, we meet in a determined location to complete your project as fast and efficiently as possible. 

Like a SWAT team. 

This is our top tier and comes at a higher price.

Only apply if you are willing to invest 5 to 6 figures into your successful launch.
Before we go any further... 

What is your first and last name?

Please attach your personal website or a project you have been apart of in the past.

This can also include Facebook pages.
Every hero has a story!

Give us an overview of who you are and how you have gotten to the point you are at today!

What is the number one challenge you have faced in your career?

How did you overcome it?

Tell us about the product you are planning to launch.

This can either be a physical or digital product.
What impact do you want your product to make on the world around us?

This is why we love doing what we do. To help ignite change and progress in others.

How will your launch achieve this?
Are you willing to invest 5-6 figures into Superhero Academy Bold for your launch?

Are you willing to offer a portion of sales to Superhero Academy upon launch?

What would "success" look like to you with the launch of this product?

This could be anything from monetarily, number of purchases, or amount of people affected.
Complete this sentence: "The Superhero Academy Bold would have the biggest ROI (Ripple of Impact) for me if... "

Last Question*

What would you like to know about us?

We are proud to tell our story and the amazing "SWAT" team we have put together to ensure you have a successful launch with your product. 

Feel free to list any questions you have for Superhero Academy below or click submit if nothing comes to mind  :)
Thank you for the application! 

After reviewing this questionnaire, we will be in touch with regards of whether the Superhero Academy Bold is a good fit for your launch.

Please email with any questions :)