Do you have a dream project that you would like to bring to life?

Imagine having a mentor in your corner to help you pull the trigger - take hold of your dream lifestyle - and be held accountable to making them your reality today...

We can help!

The Valhalla Mentorship program is a month long experience in a tribe setting being held in Montreal at the Valhalla Movement headquarters and abroad with a bunch of amazing teachers and people from around the world.

Want to join us in Montreal for the month of September?
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If you had to bring to life 1 project during this mentorship, what would it be & why?

Our focus during this trip is to help all attendees launch their projects or fulfill their goals. In order to chose who we want to bring, we want to make sure you have a specific objective in mind.
Tell us what outcome you are hoping to get on this adventure?

Plain and simple: Why You?

We are dedicating a months worth of time to ensure your success - what proves to us your dedication to changing the world and more importantly yourself?
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We need to know if you are willing to drop everything for a month and commit your full energy and resources to upgrading yourself and your lifestyle
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